Welcome to CLA-EAST.

Welcome to Cleveland's newest middle school, Citizens Leadership Academy East. We combine real-world learning with community engagement to achieve middle school excellence.


September 23, 2017

To celebrate and show school spirit, all week long, scholars will be dressed in fun and festive ways.

Monday is “school pride” day. Scholars will come to school dressed in CLA-EAST purple and gold.

Tuesday is “twin” day. Scholars will select a friend to dress alike.

Wednesday is “wacky” day. Scholars will come to school dressed in a crazy combination of clothes.

Thursday is “I woke up like this” day. Scholars will wear their PJ’s to school this day.

Friday is “sports” day. Scholars will wear any sports-related clothes this day.

Citizens Leadership Academy (CLA) Celebration of Learning 2017

Every year, middle schoolers at Citizens Leadership Academy (and now Citizens Leadership Academy East!!) bring together the community for a "Celebration of Learning" -- a culmination of the year's real-world learning and community engagement. #CLA #CLAE #CityIsOurClassroom

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Welcome to Citizens Leadership Academy East (CLAE), our second middle school in Cleveland!

Preparing civically engaged leaders

In and out of the classroom, hands-on learning is an essential part of our curriculum. Every year, we focus on "essential questions" and dig deep into issues that matter to our community. Our mission is to prepare our students to lead in academics, service, and civic engagement during high school, college, and beyond.

Citizens Leadership Academy

A new middle school

CLA East is a new campus of the award-winning CLA middle school. We have limited openings in 6th grade.

Real World Learning

Our hands-on, expeditionary approach to learning has changed the way our students learn and interact with our city.

Community Engagement

Our approach includes a serious commitment to community engagement, including one time and ongoing projects.


Homework Friday, October 13, 2017 ELA:Read chapter 17 + 18 MATH: 20 minutes Khan Academy if able SOCIAL STUDIES: Study for quiz on European Countries

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Study Guide for tomorrow’s quiz.

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Homework Thursday October 12, 2017 ELA:Chapter 16. Also reading check in tomorrow on chapters 12-16 MATH:Dividing decimals SCIENCE:Study for..

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Homework Wednesday, October 11, 2017 MATH:Multiplying decimals 2.0 ELA:Chapter 15 SOCIAL STUDIES:Begin to study for European country quiz. SCIENCE:Soil..

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"Cleveland charter school looks at how leadership makes a difference in the world"

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A community of civically engaged citizens

CLAE offers high academic and behavioral expectations that promote a sense of ambition, personal responsibility, and a “no excuses” attitude in our students.

At CLAE there is a strong emphasis on student ownership of academic achievement and habits of leadership. The resulting school culture makes school a joyful place, rooted in consistency and positivity. The CLAE school culture also lays a strong academic and leadership foundation for our students to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Citizens East Campus

Citizens Academy East and Citizens Leadership Academy East
12523 Woodside Ave, Cleveland, OH 44108

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